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Media Websites

* Newspapers/TV/Radio/Magazines:

* Newspapers: NewsVoyager –

Knight Digital Media Center (Good site with elements of multimedia story, storyboarding, etc.) Multimedia & Technology Training at UC Berkley Graduate School of Journalism

Mindy McAdams “ Multimedia Professor Guru

Multimedia storytelling: when is it worth it?

MediaStorm“ Brian Storm’s multimedia photojournalism site


Interesting site with several links to multimedia pieces from photojournalists

Mr. Dana Atchley: … (Digital Drive-in)

Student documentaries:

Hearing Voices:
(((Hearing Voices))) is the largest collective of independent radio producers this side of the semi-planet Pluto. We are headquartered in Montana, and reside across the U.S.A. Since 2001 we’ve produced 250+ stories and specials. We are funded by CPB, NEA and others. There’s no real staff here, so we can’t accept submissions. But if you’ve something online you want us to hear, send the URL in the email form below.

Columbia Guide to Online Style

Joe Weiss:
Great samples of multimedia journalism from the nation’s media

Interactive narratives are informational and storytelling experiences designed and produced for the web. They leverage great design, visual journalism and rich-media content.


Photoshop – How-to for Soundslides